Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 02: Keeping the Keep

Our Heroes are reunited, but under dire straits! After rescuing Ma’ati from the clutches of the hoard of Kobalts, they witness the army began trickling into the keep from the hole blasted in the sally port .

Unknown to the group, Blacktalons, has also aware of the hole in the Sally port. Although he had earlier abandoned the group to look for signs of the mysterious black dragon, he had lost sight of the creature and opted instead to rejoin them at the Keep. Finding the entrance firmly sealed shut, he walked around the keep until he discovered the blast hole in the sally port. However this discovery was made only shortly after Beaufort FoxTail made his escape and just before the army of Kobalts found it as well.

Back on the walls of the keep, Extacy, Ma’ati, Karamak and The Exterminator jump from the wall to face the hoard and protect the survivors as much as possible. Most of them slide down a rope of a construction crane to the Keep courtyard, however The Exterminator misses the rope, landing comically in a pile of hay. However, Dyvim Tvar stays on the keep walls fighting back with powerful magic.

It is then that the adventurers see Blacktalons as he fights valiantly against an Ambush Drake and an Acolyte who have made their way through the sally port. Outnumbered and out classesBlacktalons manages to put the Ambush Drake to sleep and retreats. However, with the help of Extacy and Sergeant Markguth he manages to fight back the forces threatening to overwhelm the keep.

In the courtyard The Exterminator, Dyvim Tvar, Governor Tarbrow Nighthill, Castellan Escobert the Red, and several survivors of Greenest fight valiantly against the Kobalts. However, trouble comes when Karamak is overwhelmed and defeated by a gang of three kobalts who surround him. Fortunately The Exterminator sees his lifeless body and brings him back to life.

At this point Castellan Escobert the Red recognizes the tide of the battle is turning in their favor, however he know it won’t last unless they can seal the sally port. Fortunately, Sergeant Markguth, who had proved himself a highly competent warrior in battle knows the mend spell. While it takes quite some time Blacktalons and Extacy are able to defend him until he can finish the spell and reseal the sally port.

Meanwhile a dragon encircles the keep, occasionally opening a blast of acid and melting several Greenest villagers perched on the wall. The remaining warriors finish the battle as Dyvim Tvar uncovers a functioning catapult, Castellan Escobert the Red has affectionately named “Suzie.” However, before he can use the weapon the dragon again vanishes into the night.

Once all enemies have been defeated and no sign of the Black Dragon can be seen, Extacy fills her bag of linking with 6 cannon balls, 20 large bloody stones, 6 irons bars, 1 deceased kobald, 2 alcolite corpses, and the decaying body of a headless ambush drake, and cultist.

It’s at this point the group decides to take a rest in the keep’s cellar where surviving families of Greenest village huddled in fear. In rear of the storage room the group spots a mysterious pile of boxes next to a fountain being filled from a grate of water. It’s behind this grate Castellan Escobert the Red claims there is a secret passageway by a river. But he seems reluctant to grant the heroes access, even though he recalls distinctly hiring The Exterminator to clear the passageway of rodents and pests.



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