Sergeant Markguth

A Human Warrior from Greenest


Years of working at a mill, hauling sacks of flour have made the 30-year-old human quite strong. He carries light iron armor and a dull broad sword and a long bow.


As an adopted child, growing up in the city of The Village of Greenest was a complete and total bore for Markguth. He would have died of boredom if not for another boy in the village named Karamak. Markguth and Karamak were both well known to be strong rivals. No matter what one would do the other would strive to best him at it.

As the two boys grew the differences in them became more pronounced. Sergent became the village’s favorite son as he joined the village guard, became a hard working hand at the mill and proved his loyalty and honor time and time again. However, Markguth became known as a trouble-maker, stealing from townsfolk, bullying children and just generally being rude.

Sergeant Markguth

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