The Tiefling Paladin


Half Demon, Half Human. 5’4. 135 lbs. Long Red Hair. Bronze skin that deepens to a deep red Tail. Red eyes that glow when angry. Small Satyr horns with deep red tips. She is 18 years old.


Father was a Nobleman and Mother was a Tiefling. So She has ancient Demon blood running through her veins.
Her parents were in love. Her fatehr met her mother throughthe “House of Pleasure” her mother owned and ran that catered to those with “exotic tastes”. Her father found her mother and they fell in love but he had a family from his noble house so they could not always be permanently together.
They had Extacy whom they both loved and spoiled. Her father made sure she wanted for nothing, thus, she had the best schooling, the best fineries. She was also raised to be polished and a seductress by her mother and had overwhelming charm when she chose to use it.

Unbeknownst to Extacy and her father was that her mother was a warlock who had made a pact with a succubi. In exchange for her sexual energy and demon blood she had the a very successful business.
Extacy discovered her mother one night, in her bed, on a “ritual” with the succubi and told her father who in turn forced her mom to try and break the pact. For revenge one night the succubi came with several others and killed her parents as they slept, infiltrating their dreams and draining them of all of their energy.
What Extacy soon discovered though was a clause in the pact that said should the mother try and leave the pact would pass down to her child.
Extaxy has sworn to kill all demons. She went and trained as a paladin to cleanse her soul and be able to enact her revenge. Being chaotic good Extacy, given a choice, will always choose fighting and killing a demon over anything else as rage from what happened to her family takes over.

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