Castellan Escobert the Red

The Dwarven master of the Greenest Keep


A shield dwarf with knotted tangled bright red hair. He carries an enormous ring of iron and brass keys to the many locks in the keep. Well known within the village to be a drunkard.


Castellan always dreamed of going to war, that was before he saw the horrors of real battle. After earning a position of distinction in the East Port Dwarven army he left his native dwarven clan to retire in peace around the same time Karamak and Sergeant Markguth arrived as a young lost children. However, peace was hard won as PTSD prevented him from sleeping without the safety of stone walls surrounding him. He took a job in the quiet village of Greenest, maintaining their keep in the center of town in exchange for modest pay and free lodging. He was certain no one would ever attack Greenest, yet maintained defences and provision out of habit. These precautions have saved more than a few lives as the Kobolds and Occultists sacked and raided the town.

Castellan Escobert the Red

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