Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 00: The World's End Tavern

Our adventures awoke in the bed of their Tavern, The World’s End, and congregate to eat a hearty breakfast in preparation for the final day-long leg of their journey. Their destinations seemed, as if by fate, to all be the same: Greenest. Despite their vastly different temperaments the group of 6 adventurers: Blacktalons, Extacy, Karamak, Ma’ati, The Exterminator, and Vladislak Oakenheel agreed to journey together.

Before leaving, Karamak berated and stole from the the Tavernkeeper, Baron Von Lich as he often did. However, Extacy took a more diplomatic route by conversing with him in a manner befitting his former title of Baron. Vladislak Oakenheel took a more diplomatic route by bestowing gifts and a blessing upon him earning him a potion in return for his kindness.

The party then left the safety of the World’s end Tavern and traveled until the sun began to set. As they arrived, they saw that the village was set ablaze and being heavily pillaged by Kobolds and an unknown group of Cultists

As they approached the Village the party came across The Swift Family who were being attacked by a nasty group of Kobolds. The adventurers valiantly fought off the attackers and saved the entire family without so much as a scratch.

The Swift family now healed and armed advised the group to head to the Greenest Village Keep. Previously a Black Dragon had taken residence in the sky above the heavily armed fortress but had recently disappeared.



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